Teleconference dates:
Thursday 25th June 2015 11.00am (UK) – Minutes in members area
Thursday 30th July 2015 11.00am (UK)
Thursday 27th August 2015 11.00am (UK)
Thursday 24th September 2015 11.00am (UK)
Thursday 29th October 2015 11.0am (UK)
Thursday 26th November 2015 11.00am (UK)


In person meetings:

15-16th September 2015 – MISW catch up meeting (Bath, UK)

  • Our international partners will be invited to this event i.e. NOAA, SANSA etc.


October/November 2015 – MISW technical meeting

  • Depending on the outcome of the catch up meeting, it may be useful to arrange a specific technical meeting on any areas of concern
  • The location of this will be dependent on the problems that arise.


January/February 2016 – TAS-I workshop/Information stakeholder day

  • Deliverable 4.7
  • Please can TAS-I contact me when they have an idea of when this will be held so we can fix dates in the diary


March 2016 – MISW catch up meeting

  • General meeting to discuss the results of the project at month 24.